I created a separate page because I want there to be posts from both myself and the volunteers.  Granted all the posts on the Home page up to today have been from me but this is to change.  I created a separate page so this way others interested in the organization and the volunteers can read blogs from me on what I am thinking and/or am wanting to go with the organization.  So starting today I will begin posting what I'd like to see TBI Raiders do and where I'd like to see the organization reach.  But any posts on here are my own thoughts and not necessarily reflective on the organization. 

What I would like to see TBI Raiders do...

I list it out in bullet points first then explain it all.
  • National 501 c 3 organization
  • Grow to have state affiliates for TBI Raiders
  • See student organizations for TBI Raiders grow across college campuses in Oklahoma
  • Leadership Retreats
  • Voter Registration Drives
  • Debate Forums
  • TBI Raiders Month grow across not just Oklahoma but spread to other states as well
  • Raiders Experience be devoted to Veterans and TBI survivors along with bringing groups for the two together
  • Raiders Explosion be devoted to disabilities in general and TBI survivors
  • In March for our event have a banquet dinner and awards given out for the contests
  • Really see the contests promoted
  • College credit given for students who become involved in TBI Raiders

Well I'll have to explain this all in a different post because my head is hurting from thinking about this all to much.