I may not have the internet up at home but in the meantime I have been writing up a literal storm.  I've been writing down ideas, people I need to contact starting January 3rd and what to do to make next semester a success so I end up making a 4.0.  I'm only taking two classes and plan on taking quite a few exercise classes.  It's been a major bruise to my ego that I haven't been able to make a 4.0 like I did growing up.  Below are some items I will need help with from volunteers for the 2013 Raiders Experience...
  • Volunteer Registration & Volunteer Hour Tracking
  • Public Relation
  • Website
  • Newsletter (both print and email)
  • Advocacy (TBI)
  • Liaison - helping with communicating with everybody

Now in terms of the Volunteer Registration and Volunteer Hour Tracking...I am going to need help with getting students to make sure they register (so that it can get counted with the Service Learning Volunteer Center), holding booths for the registration drives, talking to classes, keeping track of the amount of hours that volunteers do, the assignments/projects for Raiders Experience that the volunteers are doing

Now in terms of Public Relations...I am going to need help with managing press releases, coming up with fliers, ads, posters, communicating with student organizations/non-profits/businesses

Now in terms of the Websites...I am going to need help with keeping the information updating, researching the therapies that are beneficial for survivors to take, taking pictures/videos to place on the websites or our YouTube account, keeping track/files of the confidentiality papers that are signed, help with the html for the websites and that is all I can think of at this moment.

Now in terms of the Newsletter...this applies to any we are able to do in print and are able to start doing via email or get going on the websites again such as this blog or on the other websites as well, help with writing articles, photos/videos for the newsletters, interviewing the people for the articles, writing biographies for the volunteers

Now in terms of Advocacy...this would apply to talking to the doctors, families of survivors, and of course traumatic brain injury survivors themselves, finding out what issues matter to them, writing letters to the legislators/governor/etc., making signs or banners for the survivors to have to hold at events

Now in terms of Liaisons....this would apply to the personal assistants who would be helping me out, one would head up the public relations or the newsletter or the website or the advocacy and at the moment I can't think of the fifth one