Justin Hughes is going to be the Media Relations for TBI Raiders.  Below is more news on everything.

I met last week with Justin and we discussed putting together a Public Service Announcement to be aired on radio and television and printed in newspapers(possibly state-focused magazines).  Getting some media interviews scheduled, getting some state-wide exposure.  I'm also going to do some research in to fundraising methods and he will talk to an attorney about what is needed to become a 501(c)3. putting together a board of directors.  Justin is going to brainstorm some products for your e-commerce store as well and dig a little deeper into how we can increase sales of these products.  We also need to get some stories from TBI survivors to create the PSA's.

Friday I will be meeting with both Justin and Joyce Montgomery at Oklahoma State University.

IBC will be giving a financial literacy training sometime on the 12th for Raiders Explosion.