Well the other day I had a telephone interview with Paul Fairchild who writes for the Oklahoma Magazine.  I got to tell him my story.  My head started spinning when I told him the organizations I had been in and am currently a part of.  I knew I left some out so I sent him my resume....lol.  After we talked I emailed him some documents which are for TBI Raiders.  I had fun telling him the organizations I had been in at OSU and which ones I was the community partner for.    I told him in about 10 years I would like TBI Raiders become a 501 (C) 3 organization, get a foundation establish to help with disability funding and create scholarships for TBI survivors wishing to go to or stay in college, establish a service learning class at Oklahoma State University,  establish organization on college and university campuses in Oklahoma, host summer trainings along with both fall and spring conferences, and have meetings at the state capital with state leaders.  I don't know which issue the article will be in but you can find the website at http://www.okmag.com/.