I will be speaking at Rose State College tomorrow at a meeting for the student senate.  This is very special for me.  Rose State not only is the place where I graduated with an Associates in Science but is also the place I really learned how to become a leader and where I came up with the idea to create TBI Raiders and get it started.  Fortunately there are still people there who not only remember me but remember that I created TBI Raiders there and ask about it.  This is where I really started to learn about politics, the lingo, legislation, and communicating with leaders for the state of Oklahoma.

Wednesday is going to be the last day for Raiders Explosion.  It will be in the evening and the dress code for it will be formal attire.  There will be a birthday cake and orange punch.  This will be to celebrate the fact that those who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury have survived, worked hard in their recovery, and the successes they have had since then.