Don't have the details just yet but the organization will be having a booth on this day.  We need volunteers to help us with the below.  If you are interested in helping out, contact me at

I.                  Registration Forms

II.              TBI Raiders Packets

III.          Posterboard – What leadership means to me

IV.           Posterboard – What volunteering means to me

V.               Flyers – ILEAD & TBI Raiders

VI.           Video –

a.     Volunteers saying the statistics and realities for TBI

b.     Opportunities would have with TBI Raiders

c.     Internship with TBI Raiders

d.     Committees with TBI Raiders

e.     Interview about responsibilities:

                                                             i.      Positions

                                                           ii.      Committees

                                                        iii.      Internships

VII.       Volunteer Summer Newsletter

VIII.   Brochures

IX.          Handouts

X.              Candy to give out

XI.          Activity to do

Then the organization sometime in August will also be when I go speak for about fifteen minutes to juniors and seniors at Pawnee High School.  Then in September I will be speaking to the faculty and advisors for some student organizations at Oklahoma State University.