I seriously need to get back to updating the posts on here and pages on the websites regularly.  Well since the last post, the TBI Raiders Resolution I wrote became HR1046 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.  State Representative Emily Virgin sponsored the bill and I was able to speak after the bill was presented.  And honestly it wasn't nerve wracking as one would think it would be.  I was friends with some of them, I'm at the capitol often, and many/if not all of them are familiar with the TBI advocating I've been doing.  Rep. Morrissette, I think that's who I spoke to, and I talked in the lounge.  I forgot how the conversation started out but when I spoke of going out to speak, he gave me some advice.  At first it started out him telling me to pretend I was talking to my grandkids, lol, then he told me was talking to family. 

I had also traveled to my Alma Mater, Rose State College, to fill those I knew in on everything.  They were excited to hear the news.  When I was in President Webb's office, one of the ladies in there said she was going to tell 15th Street News, the student newspaper, and the school newspaper.  I stopped by the Vice President of Student Affairs' office.  I knew Dean Fisher back when I was in the college republicans club.  I shared the information so that way if the student senate wanted to become involved in it, they could.  Later, I don't exactly remember the day, I received a phone call from someone in the office wanting me to email him information so he could send it to the student senate.

Then I stopped by Oklahoma State University yesterday to speak with Vincent Burke.  He's the adviser for those who are political science majors.  I filled him in on everything and he said to send him an email so he could share it with the students who are political science majors.  Now next week is Spring Break then the following week is when Raiders Experience is suppose to go on.  Which I don't know if it will or not.

This summer I would love to do trainings on Raid Oklahoma and TBI Raiders Plan.  But one thing I did come to realize this month is how proud I am to be a graduate of Rose State College.  I learned how to be an effective leader and communicate with the state/congressional leaders during the time period I was a student leader on campus.