I met with Joyce Montgomery this morning.  Joyce is the Service Learning/Volunteer Service Coordinator at Oklahoma State University.  She is helping me with recruiting volunteers for the organization and helping the organization to grow.  We spoke about our next meeting which is going to be on June 17th from 10am - 11am..  The location is to be announced once Joyce gets a room reserved for us.  We spoke about going to high schools to give presentations on volunteering and through that making presentations on TBI Raiders through volunteering and what the students would have to gain through the organization.  I am waiting to hear from her if I am going to be able to present on June 18 on TBI Raiders.  I forgot exactly what it would be for but would be during the time frame Joyce would be doing something.  We are also talking about potentially using Skype for the June 17th meeting as well.  We got more discussed on the internship opportunities for juniors and seniors at OSU.  For each of the positions there would be two people needed.  The positions would be: recruitment, newsletter, youtube, website, advocacy, public relations, and funding.  We also made mention of the other universities in which TBI Raiders is listed with the service learning/volunteer service office and those schools would be - OSU, OU, UCO, SW-OSU, Rose State, then potentially ECU and NE-OSU.  We also talked about having internships for juniors and seniors who are still in high school as well as having workshops.  We discussed creating a partner page on the website for the TBI Raiders volunteers which is http://raidersmembers.yolasite.com.