I've told some that I'm close to but this is something I really believe.  This would be that 2012 is going to be the year for the Traumatic Brain Injury community...well at least in Oklahoma.  I'm going to be working my hardest at getting something started in the state to help Traumatic Brain Injury survivors.  Before anyone talks about funding, I'm in the process of looking at what some other states are doing.  I'll be speaking one program director on Thursday to see if we can get something similar started here in Oklahoma.  I'll be thinking of something and trying to create some more items to post on the online store sometime before the new year.  I'll be working on some registration sheets for volunteers who want to help with TBI Raiders Week.  Something different from the other registration forms I created for TBI Raiders is there will be an option for the volunteers to choose to mark if they a) have a TBI, b) know someone with a TBI or c) want to do something to help the disability community.  I am doing this so people can stop (okay only four but two were just too annoying when they pointed it out) pointing out how some don't want others to know they have a TBI.  I got some things in the mail today that I ordered through Vista Print.  I ordered some more today since I got a bunch of freebies in an email and it included free shipping.  Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I hope everyone has a beautiful New Year's Eve celebration!!!  Because once the first week comes next month I will be jumping into full swing mode of working to help fellow Traumatic Brain Injury survivors.