I made a couple of stops today to start getting ready for February.  You see for some locations, you need to give them like three weeks advance notice.  I stopped by the Career Center for the Army and Marine Corps to give them fliers for next month.  Then I stopped by four stores to get donations.  I received one t-shirt.  The manager at Catos is suppose to be calling me once she has their donations ready.  The lady with Hibbett Sports said she would put an order in and give me a call.  The person I spoke to with at Old Navy took a flyer and said they would get back with me if they were able to donate something.  I think the name of the first store I stopped at was Duprees and they donated a shirt.  When I worked a men's basketball game last weekend I received a shirt that I am going to use as a giveaway.  Tomorrow I will make a few more stops plus stop by some places to give a flyer for them to post up to help recruit volunteers.  Andrew, the general manager at Panera Bread in Stillwater, said he would post up a flyer in there plus he gave me the name of the person to talk to about getting donations from Panera.  I also left a message with someone in the Posse office in Gallagher Iba Arena at  Oklahoma State University to bring in the student athletes.  I am going to try to stop by there again on Wednesday. The purpose of TBI Raiders week is to bring together the campus at OSU and community of Stillwater together to increase awareness on Traumatic Brain Injury.

I haven't heard much response from Rose State about doing something with Raiders Experience.  Which they are in a mist of transition with the Vice President of Student Affairs as the one they had retired and don't know when they will get a new person in the office.  So I need to get in touch with Kiby, who is with Student Activities there, about the event.  I know I had talked to her about it at one time but don't remember what all was said...exactly anyways.  The month of March is TBI Raiders Month through HB1046.  A few weeks ago I met Obi who is going to be bringing his store Young Lad to town this summer.  I had talked with him about TBI Raiders and our activities.  I will be speaking with him tomorrow over the phone about how he can help out.  Well I will be sure to post more up tomorrow about what all happens.