This is because next week I will be getting my wisdom teeth out, another tooth pulled, and some muscle shortened between two teeth.  Then the following week I will be moving.  Then the next month is when school starts back!  I have been creating new things that can be found on the TBI Raiders Online Store.  A friend who like me was a member of the Abled Disabled Association at Rose State College, has been creating some graphics then I have been coming up with logos.  I will be keeping information posted and updated at the Club Raiders page for the meetings.  Every so often I have been updating various pages on the other websites.  There is now a banner page on the Members of TBI Raiders and I will be working on creating one for the Survived to Vote website.  These will be banners or clipart that you can download if you would like to have an image to display on your website, or profile.  I'm also very thrilled that Oklahoma's People First will be putting together Day 1 of Raiders Explosion then TBI Raiders will be putting together Day 2.