This isn't so much an update as it is just a simple little 'ol letter from the director, me, to you.  We have some exciting things going on at Oklahoma State for students with disabilities.  Lauren out of Lt. Gov. Askins office believes in the organization and is committed to helping us.  Rep. Denney requested a report of the meeting that was held at Oklahoma State University on June 17th.  As for Lt. Gov. Askins I cannot say to a full extent how awesome I think she is.  As far as the governor's race goes and the candidates, I've been in touch with three of the candidates.  But I've heard more response from Lt. Gov. Askins on what I do to help Traumatic Brain Injury survivors.  In all fairness also when Rep. Fallin was Lt. Gov. I was just in starting out in my advocacy and researching from I remember, I don't think I contacted her as often as I have Gov. Henry.  But I do think Rep. Fallin is a wonderful lady.

I've created some new recent documents for TBI Raiders.  I'll check to see I have them uploaded on the documents page yet.  If you have been to the Members of TBI Raiders website, you've probably noticed that there are some password protected pages.  This is because since the organization isn't non-profit yet, the volunteers can have an area to just go and hang out at.  I'll post an update later.