I will be going to the meeting for the Health Promotion Club and the Native American Student Association.  I know the Young Democrats I think meet on Thursday but haven't heard about a meeting.  I'm so pumped about speaking at a future meeting for these two organizations.  They have been 100% supportive of everything.  So I will be taking my USB drive which has documents on what I am wanting to do and more information on TBI Raiders.

It has just been a  matter of me pulling plans together.  When I went to a meeting for the Payne County Democrats a comment was made about me making a list and including some of them on it so they can know what they can do to help out.  I already have a list but am not including certain members of the organization just because of comments they have made to me or the way they come off by their attitude.  And the #1 thing they need to keep in mind is I've been doing this for over ten years as far as TBI advocating.  Plus I know to do what I'm doing takes a while AND I'm not only doing this to benefit the TBI community BUT am also a TBI survivor.  And if I dare hear someone in that party make comments about dissing Republicans and how only Democrats can do it, forget it I'm not working with someone who believes that.  Because to me to think that way and other comments that with the person I am thinking of have made, they come off as wanting something that is dictatorish.  Especially when I have received support for what I do from BOTH parties and have found support from BOTH parties. 

The only thing I've been needing to do is pull everything together in a better format and a more clear structure so I can BETTER explain everything.