Written by Joselyn Harris

Getting schools involved with TBI Raiders would not only beneficial to schools but also to students. Traumatic Brain Injury is a brain dysfunction caused by an outside-force such as a concussion. The case is common affecting 200,000 to 2 million people per year. I currently am getting my school involved mainly because my school is not familiar with TBI or really any disability. It is very important for students to understand that they have the chance to save people from TBI or currently help people who already have it. Students who choose to become involved will learn more in the areas of education, employment, medical, and government. There is a program called Raid Oklahoma which is a campaign to get the issues, concerns, and voices of survivors out. Also writing letters to veterans is a campaign that is going on.  This program can help students open their hearts to veterans and help them with emotionally. Involving the schools in this would be a great opportunity to connect with veterans. Any student going into the medical field can also look to this program to learn more about TBI. A student council could manage this program and inform students about new update of TBI and how to prevent themselves from obtaining TBI. Students who feel more involved in the program can motivate students that aren’t as involved to get involved! For example, setting a requirement to make a letter to the veterans. Involving schools in TBI would increase the reduction of people getting TBI.   Eventually all schools will be involved in TBI Raiders. Hopefully, it will become a worldwide issue starting with you.