I've been creating publications and updating others for the information session on the 31st.  I'm hoping many will attend the event.  Just like I'm extremely grateful for all the help the OSU Volunteer Services has been providing me in getting to this point.  Sometimes it has felt like a long 8 years since I created TBI Raiders.  But now since I have been at OSU, things really seem to be moving along like I had always wanted them to.  I'm learning so much at school.  And it is so fantastic to have professors who not only are supportive and willing to help accommodate my disability but for them to be very encouraging of TBI Raiders is a complete dream to!  I'm also extremely happy to have found an organization like the Health Promotions Club at school.  Thanks them I will be able to get re-certified in First Aid & CPR on the 27th.  Plus officers of the club have been very interested in TBI Raiders' activities.  I ran for the PR/Marketing position but didn't get it.  But the person who did get it said she would be happy to go to the activities I go to learn what I have so she can do her job better.  Overall any Health Promotions major who is reading this and is attending Oklahoma State University, I highly encourage you to join and get involved in the Health Promotions Club!!!