We’re looking to grow at Oklahoma State University.  By getting involved you would not only help get information and awareness out on TBI, but you would be learning and gaining leadership along with job skills, have an opportunity to be one of the writers for the newsletter, do public speaking, be a web designer and so much more!

February Training

On: TBI & TBI Raiders

For: Education, Medical, Political, Business, Journalism majors as well as the ROTC

TBI Raiders needs volunteers to get ready for this.  I have already talked to two or three state representatives and have told them about this.  Volunteers are needed to help create promotional material for the event, plan, publicize, and put on the event.  There will be a meeting in February prior to the event to plan everything that will go on.  Juniors and seniors who are in high school and interested in volunteering for the organization are encouraged to help out and attend.

If you are interested in becoming involved and helping out, contact Allie Payne at paynealicia@sbcglobal.net.

Please visit and join TBI Raiders Message Board!