It's a new school year and I am very pumped especially being real hopeful for the organization.  See I am returning to college this fall to get a bachelor's degree in education.  I will be majoring in Health Education and Promotion with a focus on exercise and health.  The major I chose and the classes I will be taking will be ones that will help the organization grow.

I met up with the reporter who in the past has done articles on TBI Raiders.  I don't know when but he said he wants to do another article on the organization.  He also wants to do an interview with the disability coordinator at OSU and my voc. rehab. counselor to find out what is important to those with disabilities.

I will also be trying to build TBI Raiders on campus at Oklahoma State University.  I will be arranging a meeting with the disability coordinator to discuss this and much more next Tuesday.  Sometime next month I will also be interviewed on an online radio show for TBI survivors about TBI Raiders.  I'll keep you updated with what comes up for it.