Last spring when I was attending Oklahoma State University, I decided to get involved in the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature.  I was so happy that I did.  I started advocating on TBI when I started college back in August of '99.  I was a student leader at Rose State College and began to work with legislators and advocating to them about TBI.  I also was able to learn a lot from those leaders.  But still something was missing until I became involved in OIL.  Through this wonderful organization I was able to learn how to write legislation and resolution.  I put together a bill for OIL to help survivors of TBI.  Well last semester I started to modify it some more.  The bill is modeled around this itty bitty part of ab_398_bill_20091011_chaptered that had passed in California.  The part I would be speaking about would be the section that says "
f) "Community reintegration services" means services as needed by
consumers, designed to develop, maintain, increase, or maximize
independent functioning, with the goal of living in the community and
participating in community life. These services may include, but are
not limited to, providing, or arranging for access to, housing,
transportation, medical care, rehabilitative therapies, day programs,
chemical dependency recovery programs, personal assistance, and
That is because in a nutshell, that describes TBI Raiders. It doesn't offer and I don't
it will offer everything above but I want it to be a community reintegration service for
Traumatic Brain Injury survivors. One of my friends, Mike Merit, is still involved in
OIL. He's the Lieutenant Governor for OIL. He will be taking what I came up with last
Fall to the capitol in April.

Then I also wrote a resolution making March TBI Raiders Month. It is already Brain Injury
Awareness Month but the difference would be that TBI Raiders Month would be
recognizing the achievements that survivors have made and the real successes that have been made from their recovery ex: wrote a book, recorded or wrote a song, motivational speaker, ran for a legislative seat and won it (Former House Speaker Kris Steele), etc., new technologies that have been made to help other survivors, therapies really helping survivors, what other states are doing such as legislation they have passed or programs they have created.  I emailed it to State Representative Emily Virgin and asked her to carry it this session.  I'm happy to report she will February 24.  This is meant to be a baby step in the right direction to start things moving to help Oklahoma survivors who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury.  Now this wouldn't be something just for Stillwater, where I live but rather the whole state.  This is to give students on college campuses the chance to become leaders and help out their peers who have sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury.  It would also be an awesome opportunity for political science majors to get involved and see just what candidates need to do in an election in reaching out to different groups.  I just need help getting everything pulled together and gathering ideas for it and Raiders Experience.