Below are the notes I posted on the TBI Raiders Message Board.  We will be meeting again in the University Health Service room 003 at 2:00-3:00pm on Tuesday.  The Payne County Democrats provided the refreshments and are helping me with putting together the disability forums and are also working with the OSU Disability Support Services.

Even though we didn't have any students with disabilities attend, we did have someone who was a pre-health major and someone who was with the Native American Student Association.  Now the first one was held last Tuesday.  Sorry it has taken me so long to post but I've discovered while I get a kick of being able to think that much again, it makes me sleepy as ever!  Okay below are the highlights:

- Discussed having Disability Forums every month after the election is held....details to come later on this
- ILEAD- went from being Increasing Leadership Empowering Advocates with Disabilities to Increasing Leadership Empowering Advocates for Disabilities
- NYLN - Silly me forgot to take the registration forms and brochures with me to the meeting....don't worry I'll have it at the next forum on the 28th!!!
- There was refreshments AND there will be refreshments at the next meeting!!!
- I believed Joyce talked about the Service Learning Volunteer Center

That is all I can remember right now.  But I'll talk to Joyce to see if I can get some minutes or something on the forum then will post it on here.

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