There is going to be a conference call on Monday for Raid Oklahoma.  This is to finally create a one on one communication link between those with TBI and those running for office.  It will be on June 30th at 3:00pm.  Below are the directions if you would like to join in and participate in the call:

Web: to join meeting & enter 733-398-610 4 the meeting id
Phone: (559) 546-1200 Meeting ID: 733-398-610 followed by the # Key
Topics: voting, self-advocating, education, employment, opportunities five 15 minute presentations
Let's work to ensure more is done to help those with TBI both civilians AND veterans! Make sure for Monday's call you have a list of three questions you want to ask. I am thinking right now doing a Q &A session for thirty minutes. Have fifteen minutes be via phone and then fifteen minutes via web. Email a copy of your questions to tbiraiders .com so I can make sure to get them on the Raid Oklahoma page!
Not only would like TBI survivors to have questions for the candidates but would like the candidates to have questions for the TBI survivors. Below are the things you should know for the call:
Participant Feature Keys
 Exit - exit the call
 Instructions - conference instructions
 Mute/Unmute - caller controlled muting