Sorry I haven't posted an update in forever on here guys.  I started back to college in January and if everything goes right I will graduate in May of 2015.  I'm a political science major right now but once I get my GPA raised back up will be switching it back to a University Studies degree.  Once I am able to do that I will have 10 classes left in Political Science and 2 left in Health Promotion.  I am doing this so I can help those with disabilities get a bigger voice politically speaking.

I am also help build up a student organization for TBI Raiders at Oklahoma State University.  There are 7 members including myself.  Then there is also interested at Rose State College in developing a student organization for TBI Raiders as well.  In somewhat related news I am part of the Oklahoma Intercollegiate Legislature here at school.  Later this month I will be going with other who are in O.I.L. here at OSU to the State Capital where we will spend five days learning how to pass bills (essentially mock legislation).  I've co-authored a bill that is kind of a play off a piece of legislation that California has passed.  The student organization has much on the agenda that will be discussed this whole month and finalized at our last meeting.

So I will try to not only post more updates but invite the members at OSU to submit blogs as well to me.