Even though it is only around three in the afternoon, I have had the most awesome day!  I had a meeting earlier today with my advisor at school and discussed my plans and what I would need to do to return to school since I am taking a year off from school.  Then I talked to Michelle in her office and discussed doing something with her and helping students with getting the career that they want.  I talked to her about what I am doing at OSU on September 7th and gave her the times for the event.  I went to the Disability Support Services office and talked to Allen about Disability Awareness Week and having a day for TBI Raiders...more to come on this later on once school has started and everything isn't so crazy at school.  Then I stopped by the Payne County Democratic office and stayed and visited with Angela.  I had so much fun talking with her!  Then once I got home, I saw I had a message and listened to it.  It was Rep. Williams returning my call and said he would be happy to meet with me.  I was calling to meet with him and discuss disability issues.