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New Links

Posted by Alicia Payne on Monday, July 27, 2009,

Below are the new web links for TBI Raiders.  I'm going to need volunteers before I can completely re-vamp the website.  Next Tuesday I have a meeting with Michael Shuttic who is the disability coordinator at Oklahoma State University.  I'll be meeting with him about building up TBI Raiders on campus at the university.


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Exciting Things to come!

Posted by Alicia Payne on Monday, July 27, 2009, In : Projects 

It's a new school year and I am very pumped especially being real hopeful for the organization.  See I am returning to college this fall to get a bachelor's degree in education.  I will be majoring in Health Education and Promotion with a focus on exercise and health.  The major I chose and the classes I will be taking will be ones that will help the organization grow.

I met up with the reporter who in the past has done articles on TBI Raiders.  I don't know when but he said he wants to do an...

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The form below is for those of you who would like to comment and want me, the director, to know what you think of the blog postings but don't want anyone else to see.  If there are things that are Traumatic Brain Injury related you would like to see a blog post on, let me know and I will see what I can do about getting it on here!

TBI Raiders

Volunteers We are the students and traumatic brain injury survivors who volunteer with TBI Raiders. These are our postings of what is going on with the organization. Our purpose is to increase awareness and understanding of the disability and to show the capabilities of those who live with the disability

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