Today was just an awesome meeting for TBI Raiders! I met with a junior and senior in the student union atrium along with Joyce Montgomery. We met for a hour. We even got monthly meetings established!!! Then as I was going, I got to talking to a student. I told her about TBI Raiders and what we did last month then will be working on for later this year and she said she wanted to get involved. Then when I got home, I got a notification from volunteer match and someone from Stillwater Medical signed up! I know this because she used the email for Stillwater Medical.  We will meet the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 7pm.  The location will vary to anywhere Boomer Lake to  a local dinery.  They were up for going to OKC to Jim Thorpe Rehab to learn more about TBI and taking a tour.  I will post details for the location and the agenda at