This is very exciting!  We have the meeting on the 17th getting closer.  While Lt. Governor Askins will not be able to make it, she will have someone from her office be on the call that will be going on at the same time.  I did a teleconference number for the meeting so that way if people were unable to attend they could at least call in and be part of the meeting.  Two professors at Oklahoma State did email back to say they would tell their students about the meeting.  The only thing I am wanting to take place at the meeting is to get discussion going.  We will discuss the history of the topic, what is presently taking place, and what needs to happen.  Then plan a meeting for later next month to make plans for the next school year so it can run smoothly and give a month before the next meeting so everyone can plan and come up with ideas of things to do.

Below is the agenda for the meeting:


Introduction of everyone

Purpose of meeting

History, Data on TBI








Service Learning Volunteer Service

TBI Raiders => non-profit organization, healthcare business

Online Newscast

Laws, legislation

Planning of next meeting