2018 and away we go!

February 6, 2018
Well I have not only been busy advocating on and trying to find ways to help those with Traumatic Brain Injury but have also been substituting.  This is something that I have been doing since 2010.  But now have been doing more since I have gotten a car.  It has also given me a chance to help the students to learn more about Traumatic Brain Injury.  Last year and this year students have been asking me more questions about what I have, how I sustained it, facts, and what the side effects can be.  The students when they have noticed my side effects begin to kick in or actually take place, they will step up and see what they can do to help me with what I am doing.  It's something I have been really appreciative of.  Those I work with here at the school and at the other schools in town treat me like anybody else.  Yes I look like them but I am also very vocal about the fact I have a Left-Right Traumatic Brain Injury.  And they know I am because I don't want anyone to live with what I have.

Case in point...I wanted to do something...an event that would bring people together and show them that they aren't that different from each other.  Everyone has their own set of limitations; some more than others.  That's why when I was walking around last summer I came up with the idea for a fashion show.  I'm friends with the store manager, Jenny, at Cato's here in Stillwater.  Jenny has always shown support for what I do by donating items for our events when I had given enough notice.  The same goes for Hibbett Sports here in town.  But I approached Jenny about Cato's having a fashion show to raise awareness on Traumatic Brain Injury and raise money for the Brain Injury Alliance of Oklahoma.  The models and everyone who would be involved in it would be the students at the Collegiate, High School, and Junior High level.  Then also have career booths with employers here in town who could have freebies or giveaways or try me.  Then the students could learn, prepare, and make resumes to give to those employers who could then watch and see the students 'potential' as the fashion show went on that evening.  I want to do this because of everything that I have heard from students in the last eight years I have lived in this wonderful community.  It is also my way of giving back in the way the community and the people in a way gave me in a sense "my life" back to me to where I feel completely whole again.

But this is something that I don't want to just be a one time time thing but rather build into something that happened more than once.  Something that is led by the college students and they would yes be paid for and it would help pay off their student loans.  Don't ask me any details about how or where the funding would come from.  LOL  Don't know but this is something I want to build up to oversee and be administrator of (to make sure nothing goes wrong) but also so that I can start other new programs to help those with TBI or maybe travel and speak or write, etc.  The fashion show isn't the only thing students would be able to do but I'll talk more about that all in good time.

Calling on Education majors in Oklahoma!

April 3, 2017
atbiscorner.yolasite.com otherwise known as TBI's Corner is in need of a serious revamping.  This is your chance to make your mark and help those who really need it in education.  Because while some side effects may not immediately appear they could make their appearance later on.  This is to better equip families of those living with TBI, TBI survivors themselves, as well as educators and yes employers.  We need to have something that can be used as a resource tool for others to go to.  If y...
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Getting Schools involved with TBI Raiders

June 1, 2015
Written by Joselyn Harris

Getting schools involved with TBI Raiders would not only beneficial to schools but also to students. Traumatic Brain Injury is a brain dysfunction caused by an outside-force such as a concussion. The case is common affecting 200,000 to 2 million people per year. I currently am getting my school involved mainly because my school is not familiar with TBI or really any disability. It is very important for students to understand that they have the chance to save people fr...

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Razones para aprender Inglés

May 28, 2015
Written by Joselyn Harris

1. Saber Inglés bilingüe y los hará más empleables en todos los países.  

2. Hablantes de inglés en Estados Unidos ganan más dinero que los que 
no hablan inglés . Aprender Inglés abrirá sus perspectivas de empleo y aumentar su nivel de vida.

3. Inglés no es sólo el idioma principal de los negocios, sino también el idioma principal de la interacción social . Saber Inglés es el paso más importante para convertirse en un ciudadano del mundo , una persona qu...

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¿Cómo la lesión cerebral traumática afecta a hispanos?

May 28, 2015
By Joselyn Harris

¿Qué es una lesión cerebral traumática que usted pide?  Lesión cerebral traumática es una disfunción cerebral provocada por una fuerza exterior , por lo general un violento golpe en la cabeza. Puede afectar a cómo piensa, cómo siente, cómo se comporta, cómo se mueve y lo que recuerda. Un ejemplo de lesión cerebral adquirida es el traumatismo craneoencefálico. Un traumatismo craneoencefálico se define como un golpe en la cabeza o una lesión penetrante en 
la cabe...

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Future Blog Posts

May 28, 2015
Future blog posts will be from the volunteers of TBI Raiders.  You will see articles in Spanish but there will be a link to the page where you can find the same article in English.  This is to reach out to those in the Spanish speaking community who may know little to no English.  This is to let them know TBI Raiders is here to help them to.  But just a heads up, I don't speak Spanish.  We have a volunteer who is fluent in the language and will be sending me the articles and I will post them ...
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Let's get rolling ya'll!!!!!

February 10, 2015
I made a couple of stops today to start getting ready for February.  You see for some locations, you need to give them like three weeks advance notice.  I stopped by the Career Center for the Army and Marine Corps to give them fliers for next month.  Then I stopped by four stores to get donations.  I received one t-shirt.  The manager at Catos is suppose to be calling me once she has their donations ready.  The lady with Hibbett Sports said she would put an order in and give me a call.  The p...
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TBI Raiders September Events

September 15, 2014
September 17 – Exhibit Room 413 Student Union – TBI Raiders Student Information meeting 4-5 p.m. This will be a chance for students to learn more about the organization.  This will be an interactive session.  I will have sign up sheet for the events and the campaigns.

Sept. 24: 10-2 p.m. Table outside Ethics Institute = 2nd fl Student Union
Will need students to work it but I will be present if needed to answer questions

will need students to work it @
10:30 -11:20 a.m, 11:30 – 12:20 p.m., ...
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Tons of News

September 8, 2014
Justin Hughes is going to be the Media Relations for TBI Raiders.  Below is more news on everything.

I met last week with Justin and we discussed putting together a Public Service Announcement to be aired on radio and television and printed in newspapers(possibly state-focused magazines).  Getting some media interviews scheduled, getting some state-wide exposure.  I'm also going to do some research in to fundraising methods and he will talk to an attorney about what is needed to become a 501(c...
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Conference Call on Monday!!!

June 27, 2014
There is going to be a conference call on Monday for Raid Oklahoma.  This is to finally create a one on one communication link between those with TBI and those running for office.  It will be on June 30th at 3:00pm.  Below are the directions if you would like to join in and participate in the call:

Web: to join meeting & enter 733-398-610 4 the meeting id
Phone: (559) 546-1200 Meeting ID: 733-398-610 followed by the # Key
Topics: voting, self-advocating, education...

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The form below is for those of you who would like to comment and want me, the director, to know what you think of the blog postings but don't want anyone else to see.  If there are things that are Traumatic Brain Injury related you would like to see a blog post on, let me know and I will see what I can do about getting it on here!

TBI Raiders

Volunteers We are the students and traumatic brain injury survivors who volunteer with TBI Raiders. These are our postings of what is going on with the organization. Our purpose is to increase awareness and understanding of the disability and to show the capabilities of those who live with the disability

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